Then and Now

Charleston Manor was originally a farmhouse built in the 1890's. It was part of the Moore farm that spanned several hundred acres in northern Bradley County.  The house was vacated around 1955 and remained empty until the 70's when R. Burger purchased the property.  After several years of intense restoration the house was restored to the original structure.  In 1981 the house caught fire and was almost completely destroyed.

         The original farmhouse around 1910.

Around 1981 adding a second story

Completed  11-1982

The house was eventually sold and occupied until 2005.  The house remained empty for almost 10 years, when in 2015 the Jackson's purchased the house and 15 acres.  The house had begun to deteriorate over the years and required an almost complete restoration.  This is when the Jackson's decided to renovate the house and Charleston Manor was formed.

The foundation was reconstructed.

The original floors were professionally sanded.


We have recently landscaped and updated the screened in front porch.

Completed 2018

Nice area to have outdoor weddings

Light snow 2019

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